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Art and Music Studios

Art and Music Studios

Over the past year or so we have designed and built a sound music studio and control room for a local school and one for an up and coming band near Haslemere. We have been involved not only in the complex design of the structures and the use of very specialist materials, but also in the building of the sound absorbing and reflecting panels required to turn the spaces into operational top quality studios.

The school recording studio was designed by the children themselves during art and IT lessons. Our project manager visited the school several times during this stage to both advise the pupils and help them complete the eventual working drawings.

The band are now recording their second album; with sound engineers from the USA and London telling us that the sound is pretty well perfect!

“Without the input and professionalism of the guys from Executive Sheds we wouldn’t be looking to produce and record our own music so soon - thanks for all the research, planning and incredably quick turnaround from idea to product.”
- Jon Clake, Two Fingers of Firewater